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Food Art

Making the food-related drawings being involved in some art activity, for example, for a reason of making some advertisements of your own restaurant, it is always very useful to have the Food Court solution, which is known to be one of the best tools for creating something truly special (available for all the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users).

A “food court” can also be known as a “food hall” or, sometimes, as a “hawker centre”. Any food court is simply some indoor plaza or a common area full of different food vendors. Such places usually provide a common area for the “self-serve dinner”. This term includes the customers serving themselves, choosing whatever they want to eat and/or drink with no waiters involved. You can find such food courts in the airports, in parks as well as in the shopping malls. In some universities and schools such food courts also can replace so very commonly and traditionally used cafeterias, providing the food stalls.

Meals in the food courts are available to be ordered at one of the mentioned vendors. Once such meals are carried to one common dining area, they can be eaten among other people similar to any other place of consuming food. Also, food in such places can also be ordered as a so called “takeout” so it becomes available to be consumed at another location, such as home or office, being previously packaged in the food containers, (e.g., foam ones) or in the plastic/cardboard boxes. Any of the available common food trays can be used by all the stalls in order to allow the opportunity to carry food to any of the vacant tables. Food courts sometimes have shops for selling the already previously made meals for customers to take them home, making such places the daily food stop points.

Cuisines and choices within the previously described food courts are known to be varied, offering sometimes more of the global choices, rather than some of the well-known Asian and/or African food courts with the local cuisine.

For the very first time, a food court was opened in Canada (Toronto) in 1971. The second one was opened in the USA (New Jersey) in 1974, known to be credited as the first successful food court in America within a shopping mall. The food courts are very popular nowadays, but there are still other places to eat, such as cafeterias, which are one of the popular food service locations where a few people of the waiting staff can be found. Such staff is known to be working in order to serve the tables as some people find it more convenient. At the same time, any restaurant is a place where enough waiters work so it becomes obvious that visiting such places you can expect to have your food delivered to your table, being served within a short period of time. Although, it is that convenient, food from the restaurant is known to be usually more expensive comparing to any cafeteria or any food court.

Any school dining location can be also referred to as a “dining hall”, known as “canteen” in the UK. Cafeterias are always expected to be different from the so-called “coffeehouses”, which are the establishments, known to be mainly serving hot coffee: cappuccino, café latte, espresso, etc. You can also find a few different kinds of tea as well as other hot beverages in such places. In the mentioned cafeterias the “table service” is very popular, meaning there are the food-serving stalls with food provided for the customers so they can choose whatever they want, placing it on their trays.

It is known that usually the customers are charged paying at the check-out point for each of the items they choose in particular. There are, though, some of the self-service cafeterias which simply charge by the weight of the items, not per units, and in some of the universities as well as a few colleges, their students pay for all three meals a day paying only once for food provided during the whole semester. It is known that cafeterias require a few employees, but still they can be often found within a larger institution (school, college, military base, factory, hospital, prison, museum, department store, camp, etc.) making enough money to be able to pay good salaries, nevertheless the cost of the food is relatively low.

Rarely, but still from time to time some cafeterias can be self-operated by the mentioned above institutions, known to be outsourced to some food service management company. A few can be also leased space to the businesses for having an opportunity to operate different food service facilities to please their clients.

A so-called “hawker centre” can be also called as “cooked food centre”. Any hawker centre is simply an open-air complex, which is common for many Asian countries (Indonesia, the Riau Islands, Malaysia). Such centers can be found in the city centres or at the train and/or bus stations where lots of people pass by everyday buying coffee and snacks. Some of such places have strict rules for those who work there. For example, in some of such food providers the workers have to make a cup of coffee within a short period of time so they can serve lots of clients within one hour: from 10 up to 50 per one person.

There can usually be found the permanent stalls in the open air buildings in such hawkers, which are known to be providing the stall or the shared tables and chairs/benches for their customers. Such facilities are very popular as well as common in such countries as Singapore. Although, it is known that the street hawkers were reduced in most of the major cities of East Asia, mainly its southern part nevertheless such hawker centres provide a high-quality food at low prices for everyone.

Food Art *

Example 1. Food Art — Fruit and Vegetables Consumption Infogram

How many ready-to-use objects offers a Food Court Solution! 7 libraries full of pictorial objects predesigned specially to facilitate self-dependent drawing process. Here are the shapes of fruits and vegetables, fast food dishes, meat, beverage and desserts, and figures of people.

All these vector objects are ideal for food art design thanks to their color style, brightness and charm!

Food Art - Easy Breakfast

Example 2. Food Art - Easy Breakfast

Just look at the examples and samples in ConceptDraw STORE to understand how magnificent food and beverage pictures can be designed thanks to the tools of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software.

Food Art — Food Court Smoothies

Example 3. Food Art — Food Court Smoothies

In case you decide to have your own food court or other place where your customers will enjoy the food you provide (café, pub, restaurant) you can do it making a detailed plan in advance in a way of an interior layout, for example, with the help of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming and drawing software. Such floor plan drawing application is available to be downloaded from this site as well as another one — ConceptDraw STORE — offering the needed solution full of the stencil libraries as well as pre-made examples of the needed floor plans.


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