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How to Input Data from MS Excel Into a Mind Map


How to Input Data from MS Excel Into a Mind Map

Many people apply Excel documents to store data in the form of hierarchical lists. With ConceptDraw MINDMAP you can easily turn the linear structure of an Excel table in a radial structure of mind map ConceptDraw MINDMAP will create a mind map file (CDMZ) from your Excel (XLS) file. If you keep your information in the Microsoft Excel files, you can import them into ConceptDraw MINDMAP, converting the columns and rows to a hierarchical structured mind map. If you have multiple individual sheets in your Excel workbook, ConceptDraw MINDMAP will turn them into a single multi-page mind map. ConceptDraw MINDMAP lets you import an entire Microsoft® Excel file as well as insert data from the selected cells. Read more
The vector stencils library "Android product icons" contains 50 application icons.
Use it to design user interface of your Android software application.
The app icons example "Design elements - Android product icons" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the "Android user interface" solution from the "Software Development" area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more
Android application icons
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Product Overview

ConceptDraw PROJECT is a vigorous tool for managing single or multiple projects. It lets you determine all essential elements involved into project, control schedules, resources and finances, and monitor projects' progress in most effective yet simple manner. Read more

How to Import Project Data From MS Excel File

You can import information into the project from MS Excel workbook using the entered fields - fields in which you can enter or edit information as opposed to calculated fields. Read more

How to Connect Text Data to a Time Series Chart on Your Live Dashboard

Time Series Dashboard means an integration of some type of diagrams: Line Charts, Bar Charts, Column Charts, and Dot Plots on a single space. The ConceptDraw Time Series Dashboard solution can be used to create the interactive Time Series dashboard. The libraries of Time Series Charts solution contain the Live Objects, that can change their appearance depending on the external data. Each chart from the Time Series dashboard displays particular source data. You can include Time Series Charts in your business or technical dashboards to show and compare the items changing over time. Read more

android ui design, android gui, android ui design tool, android user interface Android User Interface‏

The Android User Interface solution allows ConceptDraw PRO act as an Android UI design tool. Libraries and templates contain a variety of Android GUI elements to help users create images based on Android UI design. Read more
android ui design, android gui, android ui design tool, android user interface