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ConceptDraw Office: What Our Users Say

My first experience with graphics editors started with MS Paint. I was a senior student who helped put together study guides for junior students and students of other faculties. I would draw all explaining and demonstrative pictures in Paint. Generally it was alright; I mastered this simple editor quite fast after drawing 1-2 pictures.

Meanwhile, my student life was coming to its logical end. Being rather lazy, I did not have the visual presentation of the results of my Diploma Paper 3 days before the preliminary review of the thesis. It was a starting point. I began to search Google for the tool that would let me make schemes and diagrams quickly.

This Cloud Computing diagram made using ConceptDraw PRO enhanced with Cloud Computing Diagrams solution.

I was surprised to discover vector graphics. Since you always need to edit something after reviewing – to make something smaller or bigger – I decided to draw in vector graphics. Well, I do not like making the whole picture all over again. Nobody likes. The first thing I found was the website I read a little about it and looked through the images. There was one very important thing – a trial period of 21 days. So, I logged in and downloaded this product onto my computer. 21 days, folks! 21 days free of charge! That time was more than enough to complete my Diploma Paper!

I have been using this product for some years now. Working in advertising, I have to make drafts for products orders, visualize various business processes, and draw hierarchical company structure and versatile advertising content – ConceptDraw PRO can manage it all.

This Computer Network diagram made using ConceptDraw PRO enhanced with Computer Network Diagrams solution.

Due to a great number of ready-made solutions, which you will find in ConceptDraw Solution Browser, ConceptDraw Office can cope with any assignment: ranging from an apartment plan to a restaurant plan and from a scheme of computer network in your office to a complex multidivisional structure of a large holding company. ConceptDraw Solution Park is full of beautiful well-performed illustrated examples and clipart images.

This Business Process diagram made using ConceptDraw PRO enhanced with Business Process Diagrams solution.

I have seen the clients’ files with schemes of cloud storage, a draft of a yacht, a motel’s video surveillance system, a developing version of a fashion magazine, data lists of servers’ IP addresses, schemes of a cell phone carrier’s voice menu, furniture layouts in apartments, seats in movie theaters, landscape design for cottages and farms, some obscure to me schemes of managing the controllers in smart house, and many other things.

This Organizational diagram made using ConceptDraw PRO enhanced with Organizational Charts solution.

If you like to structure your thoughts and ideas, ConceptDraw Office has a special tool for that – ConceptDraw MINDMAP with Brainstorm function. You can get some useful diagrams from MINDMAP after exporting to PRO with the possibility of further editing: Affinity, Relation, Fishbone, Root Cause Tree, Risk, and Organization chart.

ConceptDraw Office offers a great tool for Project Managers – ConceptDraw PROJECT. It is the analog to Microsoft Project. However, according to our CFO, ConceptDraw PROJECT is far easier to master, and it still has the most useful functions. ConceptDraw PROJECT can give you a range of various reports in MS Excel, quite a bit of all sorts of diagrams and live dashboards in PRO. And, if you ask me, the main feature is a possibility to turn any idea from ConceptDraw MINDMAP into a live project! You press one button in MINDMAP, and a map will open in PROJECT, with every topic turning into a separate task while keeping all the hierarchy! All you need to do is setting the time limit, resources, and budget, and here you go – a dream has become a real project. The main thing is to adhere to the plan.

Project Status Dashboard made using collaboration between ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO.

In conclusion, I want to assure you that ConceptDraw Office product will be helpful not only in work (in business) but also in your everyday needs like making a draft of a doghouse or an important task how to arrange tables at a party and seat guests around them in the most efficient way. You can draw some cartoon character or choose a ready-made from Solution Park, print it out, and give your child to color it. You can create diagrams and track your weight or graphically plan your family budget for a month (I use Waterfall chart from Data-driven infographics solution for this purpose).

Planning a family budget with ConceptDraw Data-Driven Infographics solution.

In the Internet, I have come across animation of Stirling engine and satellites orbital motion made in ConceptDraw PRO. I have also found an interesting idea how to arouse a child’s interest in reading by a fairytale made in MINDMAP.

This scheme of a dog house made using ConceptDraw PRO.

In general, everyone can find in ConceptDraw Office something important and useful. It is a good value for money, and it boasts really good quality. Moreover, its constituent products – ConceptDraw PRO, MINDMAP and PROJECT – can be purchased separately, without overpaying for unnecessary software when you do not need it. Besides, ConceptDraw Office is available for both platforms – Windows and Mac.

The File Viewer for iPad is available on the App Store . It would also be great to have a Cloud Storage with document preview option, which we do not have yet, unfortunately. I hope the developers will hear me.

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