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What’s New in the Latest Update of ConceptDraw MINDMAP?

Here’s briefly the most important features of the latest version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP for both MS Windows and Apple OS X.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v8.2.0

The latest version has a set of enhancements for communication of your data to others.

    New Features added:

    • MS Excel files import.
    • The ability to filter by Symbols and Topic Types.
    • Export to MS OneNote notebooks.

    Improved Features :

    • Collaboration with Evernote, Twitter and MS Outlook.
    • Presentation viewing.
    • Order and Sort Topics performance.


    • Export text to PDF issue.
    • Import MS Project files issue.
    • Map view after editing in the Outline mode issue.

Update is currently available via the ConceptDraw Solution Browser to all users of ConceptDraw MINDMAP 8.x.

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