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ConceptDraw Office v3 Supports macOS Sierra

CS Odessa has updated ConceptDraw PRO v10, ConceptDraw MINDMAP v8, ConceptDraw PROJECT v7 for macOS 10.12 (Sierra); in addition CS Odessa has released 6 free solutions for ConceptDraw PRO.


ConceptDraw Office v3, is a dynamic suite of premier software tools that is in use around the world to help individuals, teams, and organizations to meet their business objectives. The combination of powerful products and the ever-growing collection of product extensions in the ConceptDraw Solution Park, together with no charge dynamic support and ongoing development, make ConceptDraw a powerful and economic choice to support activities that move businesses ahead.

CS Odessa has also released 6 new free Solutions for ConceptDraw PRO that will help you draw with professional results:

  1. 1. Basic Area Charts
  2. 2. Basic Bar Graphs
  3. 3. Basic Divided Bar Diagrams
  4. 4. Basic Histograms
  5. 5. Basic Line Graphs
  6. 6. Basic Picture Graphs

For users of the current versions of ConceptDraw products we ask that you pick up the latest updates to these products by running the update function in ConceptDraw Solution Browser. It is that simple to get the latest and freshest of the ConceptDraw products. Plus at the same time it is possible to pick up all of the newest solutions that are available in the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

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