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New Software Development Solutions for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

The generation of Software Development solutions for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is now extended with new software modeling tool-kits: EXPRESS-G Data Modeling Diagrams Solution and Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) Diagrams Solution. These new additions to the ConceptDraw Solutions are free for current users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12.

The Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) Diagrams Solution contains a stencil library composed with 13 special vector objects corresponding to JSP notation required during the Jackson structured development and designing Jackson structured programming diagrams, JSP diagram, Jackson structure (JSD) and Program structure diagrams.


The EXPRESS-G Data Modeling Diagrams Solution includes a library containing 19 vector graphics icons used for designing EXPRESS-G diagrams, EXPRESS-G Data Modeling Diagrams and Database Model Diagrams.

The new solutions are intended to help software engineers and developers, computer and network engineers, network designers and other IT specialists to visually represent on software, databases and information systems technical and methodological documentation.

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