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The Seven Basic Tools of Quality Solution

The Seven Basic Tools of Quality Solution for ConceptDraw PRO gives users a known set of graphical techniques that focus on identifying the root cause of quality-related issues within the workplace. These powerful tools are identified as basic because they can be used by people with little knowledge of statistics and the combination of tools can be used to solve the majority of quality-related issues.

The new solution for ConceptDraw PRO uses well-known visual tools that can be used to represent data that relates to quality initiatives. Some of the tools that are included in this offering are templates for fishbone diagrams, histograms and Pareto charts; these powerful tools permit one to visualize data from every department across an entire organization. The act of visualization the data is a critical step to improving the quality of an organization’s output.

The icon libraries, samples and templates included within the Seven Basic Tools of Quality extend ConceptDraw PRO with the ability to manage the quality control process throughout an organization. This quality solution for ConceptDraw PRO is available for $25 USD to current owners of ConceptDraw PRO v10.

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