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Managing Broadcasting Projects

Greg Roberts specializes in broadcast wireless technology, high-speed data, helicopter and mobile video links, communications, VOIP and IP Video. With 20 years in the industry, Roberts was a Broadcast Project Manager for Lateral Linking Broadcast, organizing technical broadcasting services for 5 Olympic Games – from Sydney 2000 – to Sochi 2014.

Mr. Roberts participates in the formulation of a television production plan and the designs for the required technical solution, source the necessary resources and co-ordinate the implementation with all the stakeholders.

Wireless TV camera layout
Sample cameras' layout created using ConceptDraw PRO

Since Mr. Roberts is a committed Apple user, ConceptDraw’s cross-platform applications are an obvious asset in his work. During his projects development, Mr. Roberts tried a number of software tools for technical drawing, project management and even mind mapping tools. After some experimentation, he selected ConceptDraw Office for his professional needs. “Initially I purchased ConceptDraw PRO for the ability to quickly draw simple diagrams to effectively record and explain the production design. To achieve full documentation needed to use several programs especially a spreadsheet / linear database.”

Wireless TV broadcasting systems
This mind map represents a list of Wireless TV Broadcasting systems. It was created using ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Mr. Roberts found out a variety of special libraries of highly detailed and accurate vector graphic objects, provided with ConceptDraw PRO and its solutions. Using ConceptDraw Live objects technology impressed him: “I can’t understate the significance of this feature of ConceptDraw Pro as this saves hours of time in producing various drafts in a dynamic and fluid planning environment.”

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