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CS Odessa Announces New Landscape and Garden Solution for ConceptDraw PRO v10

The Landscape and Garden solution extends ConceptDraw PRO v10 with a selection of image libraries and templates to help you plan and design a garden area. The Landscape and Garden Solution contains professionally-drawn samples of garden elements to allow you to visualize your landscape plans.

Templates help you begin your design, and you can use libraries that include topiary, flowers, water features, pathways and plots, hedges and recreational equipment that allow a wide scope to your garden planning. The Landscape and Garden solution is suitable for any green-fingered gardener (professional or amateur) wondering how to design a garden.

This solution contains 14 libraries containing 420 vector graphics shapes that allow you to create professional-looking landscape designs.

The Landscape and Garden Solution sells as an add-on to ConceptDraw PRO v10 for $49 USD. This new addition to the ConceptDraw Solution Park is for current users of ConceptDraw PRO v10, our latest edition in the ConceptDraw product line.

Available In Store