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New Additions to Health Area in ConceptDraw Solutions

The new Biomedicine, Health Science and Medical Illustrations solutions for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 provide users with sophisticated scalable libraries, new samples, and templates that reduce drawing time and improve results. These new additions provide a professional appearance that places your medical diagrams and illustrations in a position of prominence.

The Biomedicine Solution contains 137 vector graphic icons inspired by medicine and biology science stored in 3 libraries. The Health Sciences Solution includes 10 libraries containing 192 high-quality thematic vector graphics stencils. The Medical Illustrations Solution’s contribution is 179 ready-to-use scalable vector objects folded into 6 libraries.


The new solutions allow one to quickly depict any biomedical process, build medical instructional posters, enhance the medical education experience, and explain complex medical health issues in a simple and clear manner. A large percentage of the medical professionals is involved in explanation and education, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 with its new paid Health solutions makes quick work of visually communicating medical information to any audience.

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