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New Genogram Plugin Added to ConceptDraw Solutions

The new solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM makes visual documentation of family relationships easy for professionals of any drawing experience. It provides libraries of scalable vector objects and example drawings for all-type Genograms.

A lot of specialists in a variety of professions including medicine, psychiatry, genetic researches, psychology, sociology, and education apply the visual analysis of heritable and psychological factors of family and kinship relations to recognize repetitive behavior models and to identify family heritable trends.


The Genogram solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM allows one to quickly assemble various kinds of genograms using the set of standard symbols. DIAGRAM with its solution makes quick work of visually communicating medical information to any audience.

The Genogram addition to ConceptDraw Solutions is a paid item for current users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12. It retails for US $25, and is available immediately via STORE.

Available In Store