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New Edition of Fire and Emergency Plans Solution Released

The new edition of Fire and Emergency Plans Solution improves the existed collection of vector objects of fire-fighting equipment and emergency signs and notations with new libraries containing the ISO 7010 fire safety signs and the ISO 7010 safe condition signs for designing and laying out fire safety and evacuation plans. The updated solution offers 11 new samples that illustrate different types of escape strategies and evacuation plans.


The Fire and Emergency Plans Solution in ConceptDraw Solutions includes a collection of templates, samples, and libraries of vector stencils, icons and clipart that support complete fire and emergency evacuation plans and layouts.

The new addition to ConceptDraw Solution Park is free for current users of ConceptDraw PRO. The Fire and Emergency Plans Solution for ConceptDraw PRO is available for download from the ConceptDraw STORE to be installed on Mac or PC.

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