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Electronic Block Diagram Maker Added to ConceptDraw Solutions

CS Odessa’s team persistently continues to work hard on the development of content available to users of ConceptDraw software. The latest update to ConceptDraw Solutions' area of Industrial Engineering is a tool for building electronic block diagrams. Our new ConceptDraw DIAGRAM solution is designed to help professionals to design technical graphics of various mechanisms and devices of electronics, electrical engineering, automation, radio, and computer devices.

In electronics, block diagrams are used to be the first step in the process of system development. The electronics engineers or designers use the block diagram to represent a particular electronic system with all its related units. The function and purpose of a system can be more easily conveyed and understood when a block diagram is used.

ConceptDraw Electronic Block Diagrams solution provides 8 vector libraries with 132 specialized electronic and electrical symbols of electronic blocks, amplifiers, pulses, repeaters, converters, waveforms, electric filters, delay elements, etc. It provides a collection of 14 samples of electronic equipment circuits.


Electronic block diagrams allow simplifying the representation of a complex system. Any electronic system can be represented as a combination of a few blocks. Each block may represent a single unit, component, or an entire system.

The block diagram is considered an essential tool for electronic professionals. It is used to be the most basic type of electronic system blueprint. The engineer or designer uses the block diagram to describe a particular system with all its related units. This new solution is free for current users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 15.

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