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New Economy Infographics Plugin Added to ConceptDraw Solutions

The latest supplement to the ConceptDraw Solutions Business Infographics Area is the Economy Infographics content.

The new Economy Infographics Solution is designed to assist business professionals, who need to present data in a clear visual fashion that conveys the meaning behind the economic activities in an instant. Economy Infographics Solution provides users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13 with new vector object libraries and sample drawings to construct infographics about economic statistics and other financial visualizations in minutes.


CS Odessa continuously adds to the powerful business graphic libraries for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, a powerful business diagramming software tool. The Economy Infographics Solution contains 6 libraries of vector stencils containing 316 design elements. One can use this solution to quickly create eye-catching and impressive infographics that can be used to effectively illustrate economic, financial, marketing and statics-derived messages at a glance.

The Economy Infographics Solution sells as an add-on to ConceptDraw DIAGRAM for $25US. This new addition to Solutions is for current users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v13, our latest edition in the ConceptDraw product line.

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