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ConceptDraw PRO v10 by CS Odessa Has a New ConceptDraw Solution Park Point Solution that Supports an Extensive Array of ATM UML Diagrams and the Associated Objects

The ATM UML Diagrams Solution for ConceptDraw PRO is designed to support the task of diagramming processes related to Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) as well as other banking processes.

April 28, 2015, San Jose, California — CS Odessa, developer of the industry leading cross platform business graphics and diagramming tool - ConceptDraw PRO v10, has today announced the availability of a new ATM UML Solution in ConceptDraw Solution Park. The solution, based on ConceptDraw PRO’s powerful vector drawing features, allows you to build diagrams in an instant and is available for $25 USD to current owners of ConceptDraw PRO v10. The UML solution for banking is comprised of 14 libraries which contain 182 objects.

The new solution turns ConceptDraw PRO into an effective UML diagram creator, with comprehensive image libraries enabling you to visually represent ATM processes, as well as any type of banking system.

The ATM UML Diagrams Solution is available now for banking industry software specialists who design and build ATM solutions and systems.

ConceptDraw PRO is compatible with Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows. ConceptDraw PRO retails for $199 USD. ConceptDraw PRO v10 is now included in ConceptDraw Office v3 which retails for $499 USD.

Contact us for more information on pricing, licensing, and functionality of the ConceptDraw productivity line.

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