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CS Odessa Opens New Business Process Section, with Event-driven Process Chains (EPC) Solution in ConceptDraw Solution Park

The new Event-driven Process Chain Diagrams Solution is a no-charge downloadable solution, found in the ConceptDraw Solution Park, for use with ConceptDraw PRO v9.

May 7, 2013, San Jose, California — The Event-driven Process Chain Diagrams Solution extends ConceptDraw PRO v9 software with EPC (Event-driven Process Chain) templates, samples, and vector shape library for the drawing of EPC diagrams. An EPC diagram is a systematic visualization of business events and functions. The libraries are designed to support alternate and matching implementation of designated processes. A major benefit of EPC is its straightforward and easy-to-understand representation of a process. Using EPC flowcharts is a widely-accepted technique to depict and optimize business processes.

The Event-driven Chain Diagrams Solution is optimized to assist with resource-allocation and improving business processes by using EPC flowcharts. EPC diagrams can be an integral tool for business development and can help assess and define which resources are being allocated to which tasks. Now, ConceptDraw PRO can help you model complex processes and streamline your business more easily than ever before.

The Event-driven Process Chain Diagrams Solution is the first addition to the new Business Process section of ConceptDraw Solution Park. The Event-driven Process Chains Solution is a plugin for ConceptDraw PRO v9.

ConceptDraw PRO v9 is the world’s premier cross-platform vector-diagramming office productivity tool. Supporting complex, yet intuitive, drawing solutions for business productivity, ConceptDraw PRO v9 supports operation on both Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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