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CS Odessa Upgrades Popular ConceptDraw PRO Business Graphics and Diagramming Package

Free Upgrade Enhances Startup Wizard, Connector Technology and Solution Park.

April 08, 2013, San Jose, California — CS Odessa, makers of industry leading cross-platform productivity tools and graphic technologies, today announced important free upgrades to the company’s ConceptDraw PRO business graphics and diagramming package, which is used by thousands worldwide. ConceptDraw PRO 9.4 features an enhanced startup wizard, new connectors technology and ConceptDraw Solution Park additions to help users produce professional results more quickly, easily and cost effectively. The upgraded ConceptDraw PRO package demonstrates CS Odessa’s ongoing commitment to continuously improving its solutions suite.

The startup wizard has been significantly upgraded to ensure that users begin each new project more efficiently. The new startup wizard allows users to determine optimal settings such as page orientation, grid marks, snapping, object dimensions and other settings from the outset, eliminating the need to go back and change settings once document construction is underway. By defining settings for new projects up front, users dramatically improve efficiency.

The 9.4 release also features Smart Connectors with Arrrows 10 technology to streamline object linking. Now users can automatically redraw linked object connectors as they adjust object positions within business graphics. Smart Connectors automatically route around other objects to make dependences and connections crystal clear at a single glance and significantly reduce drawing time. The new technology works with older ConceptDraw PRO files, automatically updating document formats to enable easy editing.

In addition to the launch of ConceptDraw PRO 9.4, CS Odessa has also rolled out new ConceptDraw Solution Park enhancements, including new templates and libraries to help users quickly and efficiently produce professional results. The ConceptDraw Solution Park is a popular destination for the ConceptDraw PRO community, offering a range of professional drawing solutions users can access at no additional charge.

«We’re excited about the launch of ConceptDraw PRO 9.4,» said Olin Reams, General Manager, VP of Sales & Marketing Americas at CS Odessa. «The new startup wizard can help users begin each new project more efficiently and effectively, and Smart Connectors technology enhances the intelligent design of the product since it fits the way people think instead of program operations. We’re continuously adding to the ConceptDraw Solution Park to assist our user community. When you put it all together, it makes drawing easier than ever before.»

ConceptDraw PRO 9.4 is a free upgrade for all ConceptDraw PRO 9 users. As always, ConceptDraw PRO runs on both Macintosh OS and Microsoft Windows platforms. ConceptDraw PRO retails for $199, and competitive upgrade pricing is available upon request. Learn more about ConceptDraw PRO at

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