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CS Odessa Releases a New Solution Area Named “What is a Dashboard” for ConceptDraw PRO v9 and ConceptDraw Office v2 Revolutionizes Progress Tracking for Businesses of Every Size

ConceptDraw products now have the ability to represent data dynamically. The wide range of customizable indicator types available in the «What is a Dashboard» area in ConceptDraw Solution Park allows users to customize dashboards to their requirements.

September 19, 2012, San Jose, CA — With the addition of the new ConceptDraw «What is a Dashboard» area, ConceptDraw PRO v9 now has the power to positively influence and even reshape the future of organizations of any size. Those essential business questions of «Where are we?», «Where are we going?» and "At what rate are we progressing?"are answered by metrics that businesses generate every day. Key Performance Indicators (KPI), as these metrics are called, are any of the items that have been identified as important to the wellbeing of the business — such as rate of bringing on new customers, cost of customer retention, number of customer complaints open, rate of leads generation, cost of sales, company burn rate, project progress, phone hold times, and anyof a myriad of other indicators of business health. Dynamic visualizations are practically necessary for tracking KPI. Several software tools can provide that visualization functionality, but ConceptDraw PRO v9 and ConceptDraw Office v2 are the first products to market that provide ease of configuration and design, as well as flexibility, simplicity, and economy.

Thanks to the ConceptDraw «What is a Dashboard» area for ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw Office, now available in the ConceptDraw Solution Park, the power and insight that dashboards can bring to any size organization has never been more affordable. The ConceptDraw dashboard solution is available on both Apple Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows, and is economically priced at $199 for ConceptDraw PRO v9 and $499 for ConceptDraw Office 2. The power to visualize the status of your business continuously is now within reach of anyone.

Dashboard Solutions Included in CS Odessa «What is a Dashboard» Area

  • Comparison Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Comparison Dashboard templates, samples and libraries of Live Objects: Comparison Charts (Bar Chart, Column Chart, Line Chart, Dot Plot) and Graphic Indicators (Two Columns Indicator, Two Bubbles Indicator, Scales Indicators, Arrows Indicators).

  • Composition Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Composition Dashboard templates, samples and libraries of Live Objects: Composition Charts (Pie Chart, Divided Bar Chart, Double Divided Bar Chart) and Graphic Indicators (Mini Pie Chart, Horizontal and Vertical Divided Bar).

  • Correlation Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Comparison Dashboard templates, samples and library of Live Objects: Comparison Charts (Scatter Plots).

  • Frequency Distribution Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Frequency Distribution Dashboard templates, samples and library of Live Objects: Frequency Distribution Charts (Histograms, Area Charts).

  • Meter Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Meter Dashboard templates, samples and libraries of Live Objects: Meter Indicators (Radial Gauges and Dials, Bullets, Sliders and Level Meters).

  • Spatial Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Spatial Dashboard templates, samples and library of Live Objects: Thematic Maps (Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Latin America, North America, USA).

  • Status Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Status Dashboard templates, samples and library of Live Objects: Status Indicators (Alerts, Traffic Lights, Progress and Rating Indicators).

  • Time Series Dashboard Solution

    ConceptDraw PRO Time Series Dashboard templates, samples and library of Live Objects: Time Series Charts (Column Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Dot Plots).

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