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CS Odessa ConceptDraw Solution Park Adds Continuous Value with 32 Releases in Last 12 Months

ConceptDraw Solution Park contains an ever-growing collection of valuable product expansions for ConceptDraw products. Summarized below are the 20 most-downloaded Solutions.

April 24, 2012, San Jose, CA — CS Odessa continues to expand on their wildly successful ConceptDraw line of software by adding new Solutions and improving existing ones with the ConceptDraw Solution Park. ConceptDraw products offer very high customer value that grows over time, thanks to frequent additions to Solution Park that enhance the basic programs’ functionality. These Solutions are available for download on Macintosh and Windows, and include potent features like

  • Project Exchange that allows managers and teams to exchange project data between ConceptDraw PROJECT, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, Mindjet MindManager, and Microsoft Project. ConceptDraw provides business parity for Macintosh users and an inexpensive alternative for PC users.
  • Basic Diagramming is for anyone who needs to draw essential business diagrams such as flowcharts, block diagrams, histograms, pie charts, divided bar diagrams, line graphs, circular arrows diagrams, Venn diagrams, bubble diagrams, concept maps, and many more.
  • Computer and Networks, for network engineers and designers, facilitates visual depiction of computer network architectures and topologies.
  • Presentation Exchange extracts content from Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and displays them as mind maps, showing the bigger picture of how it all fits together in a single view.
  • Business Process lets managers who are responsible for control and design of business processes create visual documents and communicate strategies, and provides intelligent vector graphics for business process diagramming.
  • MindTweet delivers a variety of mind mapping tools for Twitter users that are useful in creating consistent social media messaging.
  • Social Media Response helps social media strategists, online marketing agencies, internet entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media consultants, startup groups leveraging online promotion, sales people, technical support, PR professionals, trainers/coaches by providing means to respond to social media mentions quickly and professionally. It keeps the entire team on the same page, allowing you to realize your social media strategy, improve the quality of answers, and minimize response times.
  • Mind Map Exchange allows ConceptDraw MINDMAP users to share mind maps with a wide variety of other mind mapping applications.
  • Idea Communication saves time on communication and understanding for knowledge workers who need to express memorable, impressive ideas quickly and clearly.
  • Rapid UML helps system architects, software developers, system analysts, and business analysts develop UML diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO as quickly as their ideas flow.

Top 20 Solution Titles

  • 1. Basic Diagramming
  • 2. Computers & Networks
  • 3. Project Exchange
  • 4. Business Process
  • 5. Idea Communication
  • 6. PM Docs
  • 7. Illustration Tool Box
  • 8. PM Planning
  • 9. Management
  • 10. PM Easy
  • 11. PM Dashboards
  • 12. Marketing
  • 13. Quality
  • 14. Building Plans
  • 15. Maps
  • 16. Education
  • 17. Software Development
  • 18. Engineering
  • 19. PM Presentations
  • 20. PM Meetings

All these Solutions and more are available for download now from the ConceptDraw Solution Park. Check out for more information on CS Odessa’s award-winning flagship productivity software, ConceptDraw Office!

About CS Odessa

Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphic technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. From their headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, and offices in San Jose, CA, and Boston, MA, CS Odessa sells internationally in over 150 countries, both directly and through resellers. The ConceptDraw Productivity Line has won numerous awards and is used by hundreds of thousands, including Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Federal Government agencies, small and medium businesses, and students and educators around the globe. For more information, visit

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