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CS Odessa Releases New Presentation Solution for ConceptDraw Products

ConceptDraw Products make it easier than ever to work with presentations. ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 now has the ability to import presentations into a mind map with a single click, and export mind maps as presentations with the same ease. The new functionality makes it easy to review slide content and build dramatic presentations. The presentation capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO v9 have also been enhanced.

San Jose, California, October 11, 2011 — CS Odessa announces today the release of a new solution in the ConceptDraw Solution Park for individuals whose work revolves around presentations.

Presentations make the things happen. Demonstration is one of the strongest ways to convey your message to an individual or group. Words have the power to communicate, and when coupled with graphics, their message becomes stronger and more likely to have an impact.

Being a presentation master is an important key to success. For people who frequently receive large presentations as part of a proposal, or those that are studying class notes which have been presented in a PowerPoint format, the ConceptDraw Presentation Exchange Solution will cut through hours of review and note-taking time. The ConceptDraw Presentation Exchange Solution can import a PowerPoint presentation in an instant. Immediately, you are able to view the entire presentation’s content from a single view point. You can drill down to any level and reorganize content so that it best suits you.

Extracted presentation content is displayed graphically. Notes that were in the PowerPoint presentation are included in the note area of each topic. With the data extracted at this level, you can easily add to the information to make it more meaningful for you and your organization. You can hyperlink a particular topic to a web site or a selected document to add additional detail, or insert additional topics that clarify and expand upon the information contained in the presentation. It is even possible to embed documents into your ConceptDraw MINDMAP to add more content for yourself and your team.

There is no faster way to distill the content of a presentation to a manageable format, ready for absorption, than to use the ConceptDraw Presentation Exchange Solution to transform a presentation into a text map that shows the relationships that are built from slide-to-slide.

An additional benefit of the new ConceptDraw Presentation Exchange solution is that not only can PowerPoint presentations be imported into ConceptDraw MINDMAP, but that one can also take content they have generated in a mind map and then output that to a PowerPoint presentation.

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