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CS Odessa Announces New “Social Media Activity” Solution, a Follow-up Solution to ConceptDraw MindTweet

ConceptDraw Solution Park is extended once again with new the “Social Media Response” solution which provides tools to manage your responses to social media mentions.

San Jose, California, August 30, 2011 — CS Odessa announces the immediate availability of its new “Social Media Response” solution. Using the ConceptDraw Social Media Response solution improves quality of content in social media and helps build an active customer community. It allows companies to be more effective in timely messaging thanks to the ability for rapid response to a customer’s post in social media. This saves budget for companies who use social media for promoting and as a lead generation tool.

The Social Media Response solution creates interactive social media flow charts and action mind maps. The solution includes a video tutorial and a number of samples helping social media teams refine and organize their response process. There are materials to help trainers and consultants develop a social media strategy and provide training for social media groups on how to effectively accomplish their daily work.

Gregory Zhukov, CS Odessa President, states, “The new ‘Social Media Response’ solution is a great assistant for marketing specialists who plan social media presence and build relationships with their customer community. Our customers have used ConceptDraw for business process planning for more than 10 years. Now the Social Media Response solution takes the next step employing the well-known tools of process charting and mind mapping thanks to our innovative product integration technologies. The combination of interactive flow charts and action mind maps delivers a dramatically effective social media tool. This new solution organizes the whole social media response process and provides a tool to train marketing workgroups and customer service teams.”

Pricing and Competitive Upgrades

ConceptDraw MINDMAP retails for $219 USD and ConceptDraw PRO retails for $249 USD. Competitive upgrades from other paid products are available, contact for details on competitive upgrades of any quantity.

ConceptDraw Solution Park

ConceptDraw Solution Park is an online collection of plug-in solutions for ConceptDraw products that provide productivity-increasing options for knowledge workers. ConceptDraw Solution Park delivers solutions in diverse areas such as Project Management, Business Productivity, Universal Diagramming and Collaboration.

About CS Odessa

Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphics technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. From their headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, and offices in San Jose, CA, and Boston, MA. CS Odessa sells internationally through resellers in over 25 countries. The ConceptDraw Productivity Line has won numerous awards, and is used by hundreds of thousands all over the world. For more information, visit

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