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CS Odessa Announces Update to ConceptDraw MindWave,
a No-Cost Mind Mapping Gadget for Google Wave

Odessa, Ukraine, June 2, 2010 — CS Odessa has released an updated version of its popular mind mapping tool, ConceptDraw MindWave for Google Wave. This is a no charge Google Wave add-in, which enables users to rapidly collaborate with any amount of people, from 2 to 2000.

ConceptDraw MindWave provides teams the opportunity to interactively collaborate on a mind map while building a map structure that represents the focus of collaboration. The mind map can then take full advantage of Google Wave playback, or be downloaded to one’s desktop for further development using ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

Improved Functionality of ConceptDraw MindWave 2:

  • Getting Started mind map on first launch to introduce new users to functionality.
  • Horizontal scroll bar for more versatile navigation.
  • Automatic hyperlinking of URL topic text.
  • Added help and privacy resources to gadget
  • New shortcuts and many usability improvements

Olin Reams, General Manager for the Americas at CS Odessa, observes, “We demonstrated ConceptDraw MindWave, at the recent Google I/O Developers Conference. ConceptDraw MindWave was presented in the Sandbox and was a huge success.”

“Many of the developers and spectators in attendance were able to immediately see the great potential in being able to build and store a mind map whose access can be embedded anywhere HTML appropriate, such as a web page or enterprise portal. Participants are then free to discover and interact with the wave mind map, join the conversation, and add or edit information. The end result is a great collaborative productivity tool.”

ConceptDraw MindWave is a no cost gadget for Google Wave. To install ConceptDraw MindWave, please visit:


CS Odessa ConceptDraw products for Macintosh and Windows include:

  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP
    Brainstorming tool that utilizes mind mapping techniques to help organize ideas and tasks.
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT
    Professional project management software.
  • ConceptDraw Office
    Powerful integrated productivity software suite that allows one to plan, do and manage any process or project.
  • ConceptDraw PRO
    Diagramming and drawing software.
  • ConceptDraw WebWave Plug-in
    Optional software plug-in for ConceptDraw PRO to create professional diagrams and drawings on the stage of website or application prototyping and design, page mocking-up and site-mapping.
  • ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer Plug-in
    Optional network and system design plug-in for ConceptDraw PRO.


Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphics technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. With headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine and an office in California, CS Odessa sells products internationally through resellers in over 25 countries. The ConceptDraw Productivity Line of products has won numerous awards and is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

To learn more about CS Odessa, please visit

Contact: Tatyana Kozovaya
Phone: +380 (48)7601963