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New Cooking Recipes Solution for ConceptDraw PRO

With the Cooking Recipes solution for ConceptDraw PRO, you can create food related art for infographics, presentations, menus, and other design needs. A wide and varied selection of food item and kitchenware graphic icons in this paid solution ($25 USD) let you plan your favorite dish using colorful and eye-catching illustrations.

The Cooking Recipes solution contains 14 libraries containing 565 objects, that helps make short work of drawing professional food related infographics, and visualizing cooking recipes. The solution is divided into libraries consisting of fruit, vegetables, meat, baking, cooking appliances, and kitchen utensils. You can use this solution to quickly create eye catching and striking illustrations which can be used to effectively communicate your cooking visualization in a glance.

The ConceptDraw product line is known for constantly adding value to its products. These new additions to the ConceptDraw Solution Park are for current users of ConceptDraw PRO v10, our latest edition in the ConceptDraw product line. ConceptDraw PRO is compatible with Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows. ConceptDraw PRO can open and save files that are in Visio 2013 format.

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