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CS Odessa Makes Drawing Even Easier with ConceptDraw PRO 9

ConceptDraw PRO v9.4 is a significant update to the ConceptDraw PRO v9 business graphics and diagramming package from CS Odessa. The newest release of ConceptDraw includes powerful additional features designed to help you draw easier than ever before. At CS Odessa we are constantly striving to make our products easier to use; while adding power and functionality that help our customers be more productive.

Startup Wizard – Ingyre2 Technology

With version ConceptDraw PRO v9.4 the first thing you notice on how it is different from previous versions is the drawing start-up wizard. From working with our customers we found that the very first steps of starting a drawing are important in helping individuals achieve the success they expect. Think about your own experience with diagramming and business graphics.  Many times people start with the default settings and then later in the construction of their document they find that they would have liked to start out in a different way.  The reorganization of the drawing takes additional time that could have been used more productively.

Simple things such as page orientation work best if they are used right from the start. The ConceptDraw Startup Wizard provides users with access to many valuable drawing settings right at the start where they are the most helpful. You can easily set all options for your drawing, including page size and orientation, Snap and Glue, showing grid and object dimension, and many other options before you ever draw a single line. Starting a drawing project has never been easier.

New Connectors Technology – Arrows10

Another powerful drawing feature added to ConceptDraw PRO is the new Smart Connectors. Now once you have linked the objects together in your drawing the connectors will redraw to fit your drawing as you adjust positions. You can move objects around in your drawing without redrawing connectors or reconnecting all your objects. What's more, for clarity, connectors will route themselves around other objects in your drawings, making dependencies and connections easy to decipher with a glance. New connection-modes have also been added to dramatically reduce drawing time.

Want to connect to an object where there is no connection point? Arrows10 makes it easy. Just select the connection type and place the connector where you want it. ConceptDraw PRO automatically generates smart connection points that anchor your connectors.  Want to shift the connector to a different location, this is easy to do. Plus, the original connection points disappear so as to not get in the way.

Maybe you are thinking that you have older ConceptDraw PRO files that were drawn pre-Arrows10 technology.  When these older files are opened they are automatically converted to the new Arrows10 technology without any intervention on your part. Upon saving the file with ConceptDraw v9.4 the connectors are now updated for the new connection technology. All of this happens automatically without having to think or worry about what is going on.

Want to connect objects automatically in a serial or tree format; the new Arrows10 technology automates the entire process. Drawing is easy, and connections can be made and changed at the speed of thought.

No need for any special drawing skills for you to create polished professional diagrams on any subject matter. ConceptDraw PRO takes care of the technical details, allowing you to focus on your job, not the drawing. ConceptDraw new Arrows10 Connectors Technology eliminates the headaches often associated with connecting objects in typical drawing packages. The end result is that drawing diagrams and business graphics become a natural activity with Arrows 10 technology.

ConceptDraw Solution Park

On top of these improvements, CS Odessa is continually releasing new solutions for ConceptDraw PRO v9. We are frequently releasing new templates and libraries to help you produce professional results, quickly, and at a low cost. The ConceptDraw Solution Park has proven to be popular with our the ConceptDraw user community because of the increasing breath of professional drawing solutions that can be found there. ConceptDraw PRO 9.4 has been rigorously tested for reliability and functionality through the largest beta program conducted by CS Odessa to date.

ConceptDraw PRO v9.4 is a free upgrade to all users of ConceptDraw PRO v9.  ConceptDraw PRO runs on both Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows. ConceptDraw PRO retails for $199 USD, Competitive upgrade pricing is available upon request.

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