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New in the ConceptDraw Help Desk

Welcome to the new “Visual Dashboards” area of ConceptDraw Help Desk. This area was developed to deliver ConceptDraw uses a better experience when using ConceptDraw Visual Dashboards. Here are the top popular articles in the new ConceptDraw Help Desk area:

How to Create a Sales Dashboard

With ConceptDraw PRO you can easily create a visual Sales Dashboard using a single screen to integrate a set of charts and graphic indicators that visualizes the performance of a sales process in your organization.
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How to Connect MS Excel Data to a Time Series Chart
on Your Sales Dashboard

You can connect a Visual Dashboard with Excel data source files to display the actual values of Key Performance Indicators using graphic Indicators such as Gauges, Meters, Bullets, and Sliders.
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How to Connect Dashboard to a Text Data Source

In ConceptDraw PRO you can easily create a custom Visual Dashboard using charts and graphic indicators used as Live Objects, connecting them to data source files and then displaying the results.
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