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ConceptDraw eLearning for Skype - Powerful eLearning Tool

Instruction and learning have their share of frustrating factors. Time, money, and student’s learning aptitude can contribute to varying levels of difficulty for both students and instructors. A new solution for ConceptDraw MINDMAP is now available that promises to address some of the challenges in leading or taking instruction during remote instruction.

eLearning for Skype® is an exciting integration of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and Skype that facilitates powerful presentations while bridging many distance issues to learning. Now you can use your mind maps to deliver lessons to a remote group via a Skype conference call, while using a mind map file as the presentation document. Mind maps can be composed of text, hyperlinks, and even embedded files; giving mind maps unprecedented potential as instructional tools.

The inherently visual nature of ConceptDraw MINDMAP boosts the cognitive potential of the learning experience, while furnishing each student with a copy of the presentation is a vital tool that guarantees that when the session ends, attendees leave with all the relevant documentation and resources from the presentation.

What really makes ConceptDraw MINDMAP such a powerful eLearning tool is the ability to use mind map documents to take notes, build study guides, and archive volumes of information without having to crack open a notebook. Associated files and sites that pertain to a particular topic can be imported and directly associated to its respective topic with a callout or subtopic. Having all of this information organized in one place allows the student to easily access everything they need to achieve more in the classroom, without hauling stacks of paper to each class session.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP integration with low-cost and free services such as Evernote and Skype, coupled with ConceptDraw MINDMAP reasonably-priced license purchase, delivers a powerful and intuitive toolset that supports an eLearning environment. ConceptDraw supports Windows and Mac OS X systems with ease, and special academic pricing is available for students, staff, and teachers, ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a brilliant addition for any academic’s toolbox.

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