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Making Mind Maps: New Tutorial Videos for our Mac Users

Following on from the addition of tutorial videos for our Mac OS X PROJECT users, comes a similar series from those who want to learn more about ConceptDraw MINDMAP on their Macintosh. Windows users have already been enhancing their knowledge of MINDMAP with our great educational tools — the new videos now guide you through the Mac-specific interface, and cover all aspects of MINDMAP's powerful brainstorming and presentation abilities.

The ConceptDraw products by CS Odessa are well known for their ability to support both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.  Many users of ConceptDraw products use them on both of these supported platforms. If you are one of our users who use a mix of computers in your business, it is now easy to view the tutorials to find out how the products can be used in your work environment. By providing tutorials for both computer platforms, we make it easier for our users to be productive with the ConceptDraw products.

You can find these videos on the ConceptDraw Video Room, alongside a variety of other informative videos. This extensive collection of resources is designed to assist all of our customers, so everyone from new starters to experienced users will be able to find something useful.

Visit today to get started with a free 21-day trial of ConceptDraw Products, and check out the new Help Desk videos for the fastest route to learning the programs — regardless of your choice of OS.
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