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New for August: Latest Updates to ConceptDraw Help Desk

How to Format Topics in a Mind Map

You can format and style mind map topics, to make them look the way you want them.
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How to Format a Topic’ s Line in a Mind Map

You can set the different forms and colors of the topic' s line.
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How to Show the Relationship between Topics

You can display the different logical dependencies between items within your map.
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How to Operate with Project Time Frames

You can easily adjust the project schedule using three basic  parameters: Start date, Finish date and Duration.
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How to Set Project Baseline

You can easily track all changes in your original plan in  comparison with the actual state of your project
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How to Add Text to a Connector

You can add, edit and even move text on the connectors between  objects in  ConceptDraw PRO document.
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How to Edit Grouped Shapes

You can style, format, and move the grouped objects, as though they were a single object.
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