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What Our Users Say

ConceptDraw users come from a huge variety of backgrounds in business and other activities. We  want to introduce you to a few of them who have shared their stories with us. May their success inspire you to experiment with ConceptDraw products in new ways, and send your  creativity soaring to  new heights.

Robin  Mitchell
Small Business Management Consultant,
Great Britain

"I am a management consultant working with small companies, and I use your product to teach  them project planning methodology, and to show them how easy it is t make a rough plan in ConceptDraw MINDMAP and convert it to a  project plan. They are always very impressed with the simplicity."

The PM Easy Solution helps with quick planning

conference planning

Adithya  Vasudevan
Project Manager,

"All of our field-based projects require the development of detailed workflow, process and calendar diagrams. These diagrams, created in ConceptDraw PRO, not only help manage projects, but also serve as teaching aids during the training phases of  projects when we ' re teaching health workers about workflows."

Documenting  process flows has never been easier than with ConceptDraw PRO

conference planning

Per  Johannisson
Sr Technical Expert Enterprise Architecture,
Networking Information Infrastructure (NII),
Stockholm, Sweden

" These Reference Architectures (RA) will be parts of a COI Enterprise Architecture that can be used by  programs / projects when designing their COI system. ConceptDraw MINDMAP gives me the important ability to share deep diagrams that reflect each part of the Reference Architectures with my team. "

Hyperlinking topics to different pages simplifies an otherwise complex mind map

conference planning

Rachel  Yu
General Manager,

" I find by using ConceptDraw MINDMAP, it ' s like I am running my company from a helicopter! I get a birda's-eye view of all my work and  thoughts in one file. I have very large mind map, and I use it to organize all my work as a General Manager. Under each main topic, I  have lots of subtopics and lots of  content in the subtopics. "

Full - Screen Mode is great for seeing the bigger picture of large mind map

conference planning

Florian  Joffrin
Software Engineer,

" ConceptDraw PRO was the fastest tool we used for  drawing high quality diagrams before meetings or while updating documentation. The ConceptDraw PRO template library coupled with its search engine allowed us to write different sorts of process diagrams, sent to our clients on a day - to - day basis. "

ConceptDraw PRO ' s Template Gallery is the perfect jumping - off point for getting started quickly.

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