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What's New in the Latest Product Updates?

Here’s a general changes to ConceptDraw products in the recent updates for both Windows and Mac.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7.3.5 - 7.4

Updates focused on enhancing communication capabilities and also delivers a set of diverse  improvements.

  • Added the Evernote support.
  • Improved displaying of images on a 16 bit monitors.
  • Improved the default printing settings for Windows.
  • Current minor repairs.

ConceptDraw PRO v9.3 -  9.3.1

ConceptDraw PRO v9  updates focus on improving interactivity and resolving specific quality issues.

  • Live Objects now support using Excel (xls and xlsx) data  sources.
  • Improved the data processing interface of the Power Edit window.
  • Current minor repairs.
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