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Developing a Winning Strategy with ConceptDraw Office

It' s no secret that a successful strategy is critical for any business. Strategies come in many forms, but they all require careful planning. Many of our customers have found ConceptDraw Office an invaluable tool for  planning and attaining their strategic goals. We would like to share some of their stories that we found especially interesting and inspirational.

Gain a Strategic Viewpoint

Mitch Ewan
Hydrogen Systems Program Manager,

"ConceptDraw MINDMAP has become my most - used business tool. The first thing I do when I get a new proposal is to reduce it to a mind map so I  clearly understand the clienta' s requirements. Then I build a second map to develop the strategy I' ll use to win the business.

I use ConceptDraw MINDMAP to make sure my strategy maps directly to the requirements. By working this way, I know my strategy addresses all of the customersa' needs. And creating this kind of visual document makes it' s easier to show my partners and team members exactly where they fit in the total scheme of my solution. And they totally get it.

When I presented the maps to the program manager, he said, "Hey, print me a wall chart version of these maps. I want to put them on my wall because they show me exactly what the whole project is all about." He was pretty well thrilled with what the maps showed him.

He used it to develop his program, issue an RFP, and award several contracts totaling over $ 6 million dollars a year, to target specific renewable energy technologies."

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a great tool for keeping your  strategic vision in focus at all times.

strategy map

Develop New Strategies

Adithya Vasudevan
Research, consulting & advocacy in health and development,br>India

"Since we are a start - up, we  would like to  improve and build on inventing new and unique strategies to achieve the organizationa' s set goals. ConceptDraw Office lends a helping hand in two areas: one, setting the framework of the strategy (mind map can be an excellent method of seeing the larger picture) and two, adding new tasks, subtasks and resources to the timeline, and in case of a shift in idea, the revision of the same. For  example, we  have set our sights on solutions development and advocacy for which the software will help in planning and generating a strategy and report  respectively

There was a shift from the use of mind map to  project to investigate the other possible avenues of task management and such. A pretty evident benefit of  ConceptDraw PROJECT is the ability to  multitask, it being humanly taxing otherwise.

With a simple Ctrl+R option, there is a  choice of creating reports in a separate Microsoft Excel sheet. Talking of  organizational development, since most of our activities are  recurring and involve the same set of resources, dependencies, and specifications, it makes for simpler and more efficient management. No less can be said about the  dashboards, rich visual data presentations, and dynamic  planning with this software."

The reporting capabilities of ConceptDraw  Office support a wide variety of visual reports, including mind map status reports.

report map

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