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New Vehicular Networking Solution: Adding a New Dimension to Diagramming

We at CS Odessa are committed to opening up the diagramming possibilities of ConceptDraw PRO v9, and our Vehicular Networking Solution is the latest offering found in Solution Park - aimed at helping with the growing demand for analysis and illustration of vehicular network design.

With the amount of mobile Wi-Fi hotspots ever increasing, and the advances in onboard network technology of planes, trains and automobiles, there is an increasing need for a Vehicular Networking Solution. The Vehicular Networking solution works as a tool to help provide clarity when visually representing networks from a vehicle viewpoint. With ConceptDraw PRO you can quickly create and analyze different scenarios in an efficient manner, while accounting for varying kinds of environmental variables.

This solution is a great tool for all network administrators, as well as hardware and vehicle manufacturers. It adds essential library elements and templates for working in this rapidly expanding field. For academics, it is a useful way of finding out the limitations and optimum configurations of a network. Vehicular Networking is available now. Learn more about this new additionand other business-specific extensions for ConceptDraw PRO in the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

Content input provided by:

Maurice J. Khabbaz, Concordia University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, E-Mail: maurice.khabbaz(at)

Chadi M. Assi, Concordia University, Concordia Institute of Information Systems Engineering. E-Mail: assi(at)

Wissam F. Fawaz, Lebanese American University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, E-Mail: wissam.fawaz(at)

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