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Integration for Success

As an author, Rodrigo Nasif Salum writes about topics such as leadership, business development, and executive career building. His collection of books he has authored aims to help new managers with the first steps in their executive careers. In addition to writing and blogging, Rodrigo also works in the IT industry as a business developer.

Using ConceptDraw Office for structuring and organizing large amounts of information has enabled Mr. Nasif Salum to focus entirely on the task at hand and no be concerned about using a range of tools that do not have well-defined connection points.

"I have three powerful tools, completely integrated each other. It is an excellent choice for cross functional teams. Such team can create a mind mapping based on a brainstorming session, pass the document and the PMO can create a Business Planning based on the exactly same document. That's really amazing! … Since implementing ConceptDraw Office, I have integrated all my reporting and project management efforts under the same tool, saving a lot of time because I can simply start working with one ConceptDraw tool and continue with a different one."
Sale Dashboard created using ConceptDraw PRO enhanced with Sale Dashboard solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park.

Visual Sale Dashboard

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