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New MindTweet solution: extends Twitter communication capabilities for mindmappers

The Collaboration Area of Solution Park has been extended by new ConceptDraw MindTweet solution that is well suited for Twitter collaboration and social media activity using ConceptDraw MINDMAP. Users can now brainstorm, organize, and plan their Tweets using the creative approach of mind mapping, and then publish directly from their mind map with a single click! MindTweet helps visually organize social media activities for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP Develops Effective Messages to post on Twitter

The new ConceptDraw MindTweet plug-in solution for ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 allows you to map out your long-term Twitter messages more effectively and publish them, Tweet by Tweet, to your Twitter account directly from your mind map. This enables social media professionals and casual  Tweeters alike to strategically plan and visually organize their tweets.

MindTweet Solution

Feedback and Reviews:

Consultant and trainer Wojciech Korsak:
"We can build our strategy for social media in mindmap and then, just tweet it direct from our map  we just need to click the topic to send via Twitter".
"CS Odessa has published helpful video tutorial about social media using.
I love the idea that you can use it to integrate YouTube content directly to Twitter.
I have embedded your video into my blog so my regular visitors can benefit from your instruction. Thanks!"
"If your job involves managing social media for your organization, it's a godsend.
I've been using Twitter for several years now. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any program or on-line service that gives you the end-to-end power and flexibility that the ConceptDraw MINDMAP/MindTweet combo does. There are certainly many tools that enable you to write and schedule tweets, but nothing that gives you a palette upon which to brainstorm and organize an entire campaign like this."

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