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ConceptDraw PROJECT and MS® Project® Compatibility

Are some of your team using Windows and others Macintosh? ConceptDraw Office solves the issue of sharing project data with different operating systems.

Do some of your team members use Microsoft Project® and others not? ConceptDraw Office solves that issue too, and at a very reasonable price point.

The ability to exchange project data with different project applications makes ConceptDraw an excellent alternative for managing projects, and makes the interoperability of project information between team members with different operating systems a reality.

Exchanging project data with different project applications allows ConceptDraw users to keep everyone informed, and creates quality collaboration among team members and external parties involved with your project.

This ability to import and export MS Project files is  provided by the Project Exchange solution, available in the Collaboration Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. You will need to make sure that you have that solution installed to use the  functions described below.

Import from MS® Project®

To convert your project data from MS Project’ s * . mpp file format to ConceptDraw PROJECT’ s  * . cdpz  format:

  • Click on the File menu, and then select Import > MS Project file.

Export to MS® Project®

To convert ConceptDraw PROJECT files to MS Project XML format:

  • Click on the File menu, and then select  Export > MS Project file.

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