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CS Odessa Announces New Workflow Diagrams Solution for ConceptDraw PRO v9 to Better Describe Data, Documents, and Tasks Associated with Work Processes

The new Workflow Diagrams solution to ConceptDraw Solution Park extends the workflow charting capability of ConceptDraw PRO. This solution adds new templates and libraries providing a set of tools and features that allow users to accurately diagram workflow scenarios.

The Workflow Diagrams solution makes it easy to represent the transferring of data, documents, and tasks during performance of a work process. It is not an easy task to trace the path of a task or a document. To make easier the study and analysis of working processes and for presenting them in a simple visual manner, workflow diagrams are often used. With the help of a workflow diagram it is possible to see the path of the task in as it relates to the overall process, the person who is responsible for execution at each stage, which documents are associated with the task and identified resources that are required for implementation. Knowing this it becomes possible to optimize a workflow and to discover its inherent weak points. A workflow diagram is a specialized type of flowchart.

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