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What's New in the Latest ConceptDraw MINDMAP Update?

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v 7.2 empowers the communication with social networks community:

 Enhanced compatibility with Twitter 
  • Now you can tweet topic content, including embedded picture. 
  • Possibility to tweet the entire mind map as picture added
Functionality Improvements 
Now you can shorten URL hyperlinks, attached to topic. 

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v.7.1   focused on communication improvements:

Enhanced Functionality
  •  Added the possibility to Tweet topic content, including hyperlinks.
Improved Mind Mapping 
  • Added possibility to insert multiple Main Ideas into a single mind map.
Improved Presentation Functionality  
  • Presentation functionality is added to its own separate tab; 
Improved Work with Topic Types 
  • The assignment of Topic Type and Topic Data edits has been improved.
Usability improvements
  •  Added possibility to start application in Full Screen mode.
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