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New Solution: ConceptDraw SWOT Analysis Solution Adds Visual Support for Popular Analysis Method

The “SWOT Analysis” solution is now available in ConceptDraw Solution Park. The new solution leverages the advantages of mind mapping and diagramming to create a professional easy-to-use solution for strategic assessment of factors influencing your projects and business.

Using mind mapping to define Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats is a natural fit. SWOT mind maps quickly capture your ideas, and allow you to add and subtract easily, ensuring you don’t overlook any important items.

And for ConceptDraw Office users, you can then transform the information contained in your mind map into a SWOT Matrix using ConceptDraw PRO. This enables you to display the SWOT Matrix as a ConceptDraw presentation or convert it to an MS PowerPoint presentation, PDF, or other image file to share with your collaborators.
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