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Revealing the Potential of Manufacturing Processes

Tobias Baur is a student of the University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland, majoring in Business Engineering with focus on Supply-Chain Management. Tobias has successfully combined his studies with the management of his own company, which produces outdoor furniture.

For his scientific student work, Tobias is required to organize projects as a project leader for up to 4 project members with detailed timelines, work schedules, and assignments for each person. He must also report the working hours and calculate the cost of the project. Finally, he must create suitable project reports, to show progress to the stakeholders.

Tobias Baur is a committed user of Apple computers, so he used a Mac in his work. During his project development, Tobias tried a number of project-management tools (OpenProject, Microsoft Project, etc.) After some experimentation, he selected ConceptDraw PROJECT for his project planning tasks.

One of the most important things when planning and executing my projects is an easy and good overview of the entire project. It’s essential that I can see exactly which team members have which tasks, how far they got with it, if there are delays in completion of the task, and what impact this has on the timeline. A constant report about the status and the costs is very important as well.

ConceptDraw PRO also meets his needs in business graphics.

I like to use it for any kind of business-related graphics. Showing workflows, displaying supply chains, and so on.

Manufacturing process flowchart

Manufacturing Process Monitoring Flowchart created using ConceptDraw PRO enhanced with Business Process Diagram solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park.

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