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CS Odessa is Pleased to Announce a New Solution for ConceptDraw PRO v9, the Audio & Video Connectors Solution

The new solution to describe audio and video connections can be found in the ConceptDraw Solution Park, along with many featured solutions that are available for free to users of current ConceptDraw Products. Now, ConceptDraw users can quickly and easily diagram their entertainment system's connections using the new library of objects available in ConceptDraw Solution Park. These new objects correspond with most common devices and connector types, typical in most home entertainment systems, and match the standard universal connection types for many Audio and Visual setups.

What makes this feature so powerful is the versatility with which users can diagram their wiring setups. Big, multi-page documents with hundreds of interconnected devices can be displayed and printed in a large format with pinpoint accuracy; while smaller setups can be diagrammed simply and kept, saved or printed, for reference. ConceptDraw PRO's powerful vector graphics will preserve the diagram's dimensions, regardless of the format.

So, have you been looking for a business graphics and diagramming solution to describe audio and video configurations. Wait no longer, use ConceptDraw PRO v9 and the “Audio & Video Connectors Solution”.

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