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Unlocking the full potential of ConceptDraw

Next week we have big news, so this week we decided to give you a small peak behind the curtains here at CS Odessa from some of the surveys we do, to track what our customers and prospects think about our ConceptDraw products.

Only about a third of the people who answered our survey knew that we liscense per named user. What that means is that anyone who purchases one of our products can install it on their computers.  That is even if one is Windows and the other is Mac. It is your liscense you can run it on your hardware. Our licensing is focused on saving you money and headaches.

Less than 25% of the individuals used our Getting Started Guides.  These are designed to get you up and running quickly.  They are available in the product and on the web.

Less than 50% viewed our videos we have to get one working rapidly.  We have hundreds of videos for beginning, intermediate, advanced, and ConceptDraw Solutions. These videos are designed to address the needs of individuals who are at any experience level.
And finally we have live orientiation sessions to assist you in getting hands on with the product in the quickest manner.  These 30 minutes sessions are free, you just need to sign up for them. Less then 15% of the respondents  took advantage of these free sessions.

Our focus here at CS Odessa is to help you be sucessful with our products. We have a large number of learning tools to assit all of our customers in getting maximum value from our ConceptDraw products.  Let us know how we can be of assistance to you.
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