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Filtering Capabilities in ConceptDraw PROJECT

Most of the time, you view your project data lists in the order as you manage them. But as a project grows, you might find it handy to allocate  a particular information in your project.
The embedded filters of ConceptDraw PROJECT  can be very useful for viewing a specific range of information. You can apply filters to tasks, resources and even projects.

How to Apply Filters

 For example, you may want to  allocate only the milestones of your project.
  • To apply filters, go to the Filters section on  the View tab (Windows) or activate Filter Mode from the View menu (Mac OS X).
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and select Milestones.
  • Toggle “Highlight” item, if you want to just highlight filtered items without hiding the other data.
To remove the filter, click on the nearby Clear Filter button, select "No Filter" from the drop down list, or click the red "X" button located in the column heading.

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