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Building Networks - a Wireless Solution from CS Odessa

CS Odessa keep adding to the great value of their software, with a new solution for ConceptDraw PRO. The Wireless Networks Solution is now available in ConceptDraw Solution Park, offering an extensive set of objects and templates to help users model a wireless network. Given the ever increasing popularity of wireless technology, this solution offers invaluable assistance to network engineers.

ConceptDraw PRO is gaining great support in the network/IT administration field, due to it's Mac system functionality - something the industry standard, Microsoft® Visio, can't offer. With the rise of mixed-OS and Mac-only computing environments, PRO is well placed to provide experienced and comprehensive assisitance in the workplace. The new Wireless Network Solution is available now in the ConceptDraw Solution Park for all current users of ConceptDraw. New users interested in ConceptDraw PRO, and the rest of the ConceptDraw Office suite of productivity tools, can visit to register for the free trial. Available In Store