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CS Odessa Announces Ice Hockey Solution for ConceptDraw SolutionВ Park

The Ice Hockey addition enhances the capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO with new vector-object libraries in ConceptDraw Solution Park.

The new Ice Hockey Solution is for use with ConceptDraw PRO (v9.5 or later), this sport solution comes complete with everything you need to diagram strategies, starting positions, positioning, and penalties quickly and easily with ConceptDraw PRO. The Ice Hockey Solution is free and available to all current users of ConceptDraw PRO.

The Ice Hockey Solution, from the ConceptDraw Solution Park includes a complete collection of templates, samples, and object libraries that supports any professional-level ice hockey diagrams. Use the Ice Hockey Solution to make accurate and detailed diagrams, useful for coaching, team management, and player education. ConceptDraw PRO v9 is compatible with OS X and Windows.

Available In Store