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Project Timeline

Project Timeline

Project timeline is a type of chart which allows visually represent the chronology of works for the project, placing the key points of the project (milestones) on a timescale. You need to make professional looking project timeline? Create it with ConceptDraw PRO! ConceptDraw PRO extended with Timeline Diagrams Solution from the Management Area is the best timeline diagrams software Read more

Quick Project Start

The rapid project startup and creation of initial project plan is possible and easy using effective and flexible mind mapping technique, which lets to gather requirements from your team and then plan activities in a visual mind mapping format. Using this technique you can establish time lines, delineate tasks, assign resources, and organize the overall project structure in a form of Mind Map. The ConceptDraw MINDMAP software, PM Easy solution and other offered PM solutions help in project management and support many project methodologies, including Agile and Scrum. ConceptDraw Toolbox solutions help to deal easy with common project situations, they are helpful for planning projects, tracking the milestones, events and resource usage, and for many other functions typical for project management. ConceptDraw MINDMAP software helps project managers effectively create the plan for high level tasks and milestones, set the tasks relations and dependencies, represent the project plan as a Mind Map, successfully start and realize the project of any size, and track the tasks using the ConceptDraw Project. Read more

How to Make a Timeline

Timeline is a type of diagram which illustrates the series of events in a chronological order on a linear timescale. How to make a timeline? It is convenient to use a modern powerful software. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Timeline Diagrams solution from the Management area is exactly what you need. Read more

Timeline Diagrams

Timeline is a powerful tool for project management and project scheduling, it is a convenient way to represent a chronological sequence of events and critical milestones along a time axis. Timeline allows quickly understand the temporal relationships and to see the progress of a project schedule. ConceptDraw PRO extended with Timeline Diagrams solution from the Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park is a powerful software for fast and easy drawing useful and great-looking timeline diagrams. Read more

How to Report Task's Execution with Gantt Chart

ConceptDraw PROJECT’s powerful reporting engine lets you generate a set of tabular reports with just one click, or visualize your project as Radial Tasks Structures, Work Breakdown Structures and Resource Calendars. It also provides you with dynamic Project Dashboards. Read more

timeline diagram, timeline template Timeline Diagrams

timeline diagram, timeline template
Timeline Diagrams solution extends ConceptDraw PRO diagramming software with samples, templates and libraries of specially developed smart vector design elements of timeline bars, time intervals, milestones, events, today marker, legend, and many other elements with custom properties, helpful for professional drawing clear and intuitive Timeline Diagrams. Use it to design simple Timeline Diagrams and designate only the main project stages, or highly detailed Timeline Diagrams depicting all project tasks, subtasks, milestones, deadlines, responsible persons and other description information, ideal for applying in presentations, reports, education materials, and other documentation. Read more

Project Outline

The project outline lets identify and represent the main objectives of the project and the major tasks, which are needed to be executed, and also assumes the break down of large tasks on the smaller subtasks. ConceptDraw Office applications help easy manage the projects and outline them for convenience. PM Docs solution from the Project Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park supplies the ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with helpful possibility of creating and organizing the company and project documentation. It helps to structure the information of the project, makes easier to find the pertinent documentation during the life of the project thanks to the improvement the document access and minimizing the search time. The use of PM Docs solution and ConceptDraw MINDMAP export capabilities contribute to the quick, automatic and professional creation the Microsoft Word documents from the content of project documents and Mind Maps created in ConceptDraw Project and ConceptDraw MINDMAP software. Read more

project,  project management, planning, project changes, solution park PM Response

project,  project management, planning, project changes, solution park
The PM Response solution extends the functional abilities in project management for all three ConceptDraw products by helping to improve the response time to project changes, to plan on how to effectively respond on issues and events impacting the project. It supplies the project managers, team leaders, and all other project participants with wide abilities of iteration planning, creative collaboration, effective decision-making, discussions of the project layout approaches and solving the project challenges, lets them use mind mapping technique for iteration planning and applying the project changes, to represent the projects data as Mind Maps and use them to construct the clear plans, to convert project maps to project implementations, to use different kinds of Visual diagrams to solve the current project problems and to make correct decisions, to plan resources usage and to respond to changes in the project environment. Read more