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Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning

Basic Flowchart Symbols and Meaning

Flowcharts are the best for visually representation the business processes and the flow of a custom-order process through various departments within an organization. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Flowcharts solution offers the full set of predesigned basic flowchart symbols which are gathered at two libraries: Flowchart and Flowcharts Rapid Draw. Among them are: process, terminator, decision, data, document, display, manual loop, and many other specific symbols. The meaning for each symbol offered by ConceptDraw gives the presentation about their proposed use in professional Flowcharts for business and technical processes, software algorithms, well-developed structures of web sites, Workflow diagrams, Process flow diagram and correlation in developing on-line instructional projects or business process system. Use of ready flow chart symbols in diagrams is incredibly useful - you need simply drag desired from the libraries to your document and arrange them in required order. There are a few serious alternatives to Visio for Mac, one of them is ConceptDraw PRO. It is one of the main contender with the most similar features and capabilities. Read more
How to Build a Flowchart
How to Build a Flowchart

Misunderstanding Product Purpose

The successful promotion of goods on the market and the high rates of sales are achieved by active advertising actions of the company. The customers don't purchase simply the goods or services, they acquire solutions provided by them. That's why during the advertising a product, it is very important not only describe it in details, but professionally and clearly explain which purposes it will help to reach the customer. In other words, you must provide a ready answer to the question what benefits the client will receive by purchasing the product or service, even before the moment of it appearing in a client's mind. In a competitive environment the importance of clarifying the product's purpose has even more greater value, because the client needs to see instantly all benefits and value of your product, and prefer it to many others. The ways of explaining in cases of misunderstanding of a product purpose can vary. This action Mind Map easy created with powerful tools of ConceptDraw MINDMAP software contains ready to use response phrases and helps correctly and exhaustively respond to the critical messages in cases of customer's misunderstanding of a service or product purpose. Read more

Bank Customer Positive Feedback

Reviews are the mega-effective sales tool, but as our emotions are multifarious, the customers' reviews and opinions can be also different - positive and negative. It is important to know this fact to correctly react and answer to both. Reviews and feedbacks are ones of the important components of successful development of any business, in finance, banking and other spheres. It is very important to treat seriously to the question of feedbacks, because in modern world when the client thinks about the purchase of any product, in most cases he looks for feedbacks, studies them, herewith reaction and answers of the company's representatives are also always within sight. Reviews allow to learn more about the product and about the company as a whole, to explore the pros and cons of this product or service, to figure out whether you can trust this company and how well it relates to customers after purchase - at the stage of questions, warranty, repair, etc. This action Mind Map created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP depicts how to answer correctly on the customer's positive feedbacks and helps to develop the user success stories and to receive a lot of good customer references. Read more

Q&A Quality Issues

Each product and service must to meet specific consumer demands, the quality characterizes conformity of goods to these requirements. The company's success is strongly determined by quality and cost of provided services and produced goods. In other words, in order to achieve a success in its activities, the company needs to ensure competitive quality and competitive prices for their products and services. The quality assurance (QA) is a set of actions planned and systematically implemented in the framework of the quality system, needed for creation a product of appropriate quality. It is one of the key elements of any business, any sphere of production, including software development and IT. The quality assurance in IT covers all technological stages of development, release and operation of software information systems, with a goal to develop a quality product. This action Mind Map constructed in ConceptDraw MINDMAP helps to clarify for customer the questions related to quality issues and quality assurance of products or services. Read more

Positive Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on products is a real engine of sales. It is an important component for any business and a great way to look at your business with buyers' eyes, moreover the positive customer reviews are important as well as the negative. The last help to identify the deficiencies negatively affecting the business, to take the necessary actions for their elimination and create a product really need for buyers. Work with social media and customer reviews is an important component of any marketing strategy. The more users write reviews, the higher is the recognition of brand and interest for it. Currently many buyers before buying anything, carefully study the reviews of other buyers. Of course, it is not enough only reviews for business success, but they undoubtedly play a big role. Positive reviews are able to dispel the doubts that keep from the making a purchase, help to make the right choice and even motivate the customers to spend more than originally anticipated. Actively use customer feedback for successful development your business. This action Mind Map created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP contains ready to use response phrases that help correctly respond to the positive customer feedback, quick compose and post / tweet response messages. Read more

Discover Plans Question

There is no commercial company in the world, that is not interested in attracting new customers. Any company strives to expand its business, to have a constant demand for its products and accordingly a stable income. The development, attraction new customers and retention existing ones are the main tasks of the business. But how to attract new customers? This question is relevant for recently opened business and for long existing. There are many ways and marketing strategies, among them are the study of demand in own field of production, qualified analysis of consumers' needs, creation of competitive and actual for this moment product, as well as the ability to present it skillfully on the market. In this regard it is impossible to dispense without the different promotional campaigns: advertising at Internet, in print editions, on billboards, various promotions, releases, promotional videos, trailers revealing plans, all they are effective methods to interest the customers and maintain this interest. The ability to correctly advertise the future improvements and updates plays an important role on the way to company's success. This action Mind Map created using the ConceptDraw MINDMAP tools helps to respond to customers questions related to the plans about future products or services of the company. Read more

sales funnel, funnel, business funnel, funnel chart, funnel diagram, funnel management, lead funnel, marketing and sales funnel, marketing sales funnel, sales funnel examples, sales funnel stages Funnel Diagrams

sales funnel, funnel, business funnel, funnel chart, funnel diagram, funnel management, lead funnel, marketing and sales funnel, marketing sales funnel, sales funnel examples, sales funnel stages
Funnel Diagrams solution including wide range of funnel diagram samples, sales funnel examples, and vector design elements, makes the ConceptDraw PRO ideal for funnel management and creation the Funnel Diagrams of different types and designs, AIDA Model, AIDAS, ACCA Dagmar, Rossiter-Percy Model, Sales funnel, Marketing funnel, Search funnel, Brand funnel, Purchase funnel, Lead funnel, Conversion funnel, Business funnel, etc. You are free to choose to place your funnel object horizontally or vertically, you can use the objects with desired quantity of sales funnel stages, as well as to modify their size, color filling, and other parameters to make exceptionally looking Funnel diagrams fully responding to your desires. Read more

Types of Flowcharts

A Flowchart is a graphical representation of process, algorithm, workflow or step-by-step solution of the problem. It shows the steps as boxes of various kinds and connects them by arrows in a defined order depicting a flow. There are twelve main Flowchart types: Basic Flowchart, Business Process Modeling Diagram (BPMN), Cross Functional Flowchart, Data Flow Diagram (DFD), IDEF (Integrated DEFinition) Flowchart, Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) Diagram, Influence Diagram (ID), Swimlane Flowchart, Process Flow Diagram (PFD), Specification and Description Language (SDL) Diagram, Value Stream Mapping, Workflow Diagram. Using the Flowcharts solution from the Diagrams area of ConceptDraw Solution Park you can easy and quickly design a Flowchart of any of these types. This solution offers a lot of special predesigned vector symbols for each of these widely used notations. They will make the drawing process of Flowcharts much easier than ever. Pay also attention for the included collection of ready Flowchart examples, samples and quick-start templates. This is business process improvement tools. If you are looking for MS Visio for your Mac, then you are out of luck, because it hasn't been released yet. However, you can use Visio alternatives that can successfully replace its functions. ConceptDraw PRO is an alternative to MS Visio for Mac that provides powerful features and intuitive user interface for the same. Read more
How to Simplify Flow Charting
How to Simplify Flow Charting

Must Have Suggestion

The increasing of sales directly depends from the improvement and perfection of the product and from adding new features must-have according to the customers' opinion. In this regard, it is important to have constant feedback with customers, to analyze their questions and make conclusions, to conduct various surveys, to maintain statistics, to monitor changes and market's improvement in a given segment. Heed to customers feedback, respond quickly to requests, consider proposals for improvements to develop your business, to increase the client orientation and competitiveness. The competition makes business more interesting and effective, that's why it is important to analyze the market, as well as the successes and suggestions of other companies in this field. In many cases detailed analysis will help to detect the trends and understand what features are in demand at the moment. This is very important, because timely addition of relevant features and effective possibilities in many cases helps to dramatically increase the popularity of the product and accordingly the volume of its sales. Don't be afraid to follow the expectations of your customers and surprise them also. This action Mind Map helps correctly respond to feature suggestions made by customers and for requirements related to must-have features. The example contains ready to use response phrases. Read more

Response to Complaint

Every company that exists on the market, at least once was faced with a written complaint of its client. Typically, this is unexpectedness, but you need to be well prepared for this, because from what how you will respond to the complaint depends the success of your future cooperation with these clients and many others. Moreover, the dealing with complaints is a clear indication of how you are able to work with clients and how you appreciate them. The negative reviews can easy scare away new customers, so if any person appealed for you with a complaint, your task is as quickly as possible to resolve the situation, to show the client that you listen to his wishes, quickly react to them and correct your mistakes. The disregard of upset people is unacceptable and could lead to the sad consequences. And vice versa, the correct response to the claim helps to settle the dispute, to keep the situation under the control, to save time, to restore the reputation and to keep the client base. This action Mind Map designed in ConceptDraw MINDMAP effectively helps to quickly respond to customer complaints and contains a variety of short or long response messages. Read more