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Spatial Infographics


ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a powerful software for infographic construction. Map infographics are a natural way to represent geographical data. The Spatial Infographics solution allows for more dimensions to be represented using various route objects, maps, and landmarks. The addition to this new solution permits users to quickly and easily draw professional infographics that quickly orient viewers so they can be self-directed to a point of interest.

Spatial Infographics *

Sample 1. Northern line extension to Battersea via Nine Elms - Spatial infographics.

Solution Spatial Infographics from ConceptDraw Solution Park extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM ector diagramming and business graphics software with easy-to-use spatial infographics drawing tools.

This solution contains spatial infographics samples, map templates to be filled in, and libraries of vector stencils for main design elements of spatial infographics.

Use this solution to draw your own geospatial infographics documents with thematic maps, road maps, directional maps and transport maps.


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