A KPI Dashboard Provides
the Answers Your Sales Team

Sales Dashboard Solution

The Sales Dashboard Solution gives users the ability to use live data to drive displays that show sales performance in a wide variety of graphs. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a software for making Live charts anв gauges that provide effectiveness to your business. By using dashboards one obtain benefits:

  • Saves time compared to running multiple reports
  • Align strategies and organizational goals
  • Saves time compared to running multiple reports
  • Visual presentation of performance measures

Pic. 1. Geographically Sample


Sales Dashboard Solutionscan help your sales team keep an eye on performance

ConceptDraw Sales Dashboard Solution is a simple and effective way of visualizing sales data and get clear picture of your sales process to see how your business can improve.Sales KPIs Dashboard Sample
Picture: Sales Dashboard Solutionscan help your sales team keep an eye on performance

A KPI Dashboard

Composing a dashboard from different KPI is a kind of art. Visualizing sales data you have to keep balance to keep your dashboard informative, not messy. ConceptDraw Sales Dashboard solution gives you a set of good examples of balanced dashboards.Sales KPIs Dashboard Sample
Picture: A KPI Dashboard

How To Create Project Report

ConceptDraw PROJECT v9 contains an extensive tool set to help project managers. The rich data visualization capability that is provided by ConceptDraw products helps you create project dashboards, one-click reports, multi-project views, Gantt charts, and resource views. Let′s learn how to get maximum value using ConceptDraw PROJECT v9!Project Management Software. Project Dashboard
Picture: How To Create Project Report

How To Plan and Implement Projects Faster

ConceptDraw Office is the most effective tool for planning, tracking, and reporting all types of projects with strong management capabilities, user friendly functionality, and superior ease of use. In this tutorial video we will assist you in planning and managing a project using ConceptDraw Office.Project — Gantt Chart: New Product Launch
Picture: How To Plan and Implement Projects Faster

Visualize Sales Data Using Sample Data

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 software extended with the Sales Dashboard solution allows you visualize sales data using sample data delivered with the solution to choose visual indicators you need, and then connect these indicators to your real data.Sales KPIs Dashboard Sample
Picture: Visualize Sales Data Using Sample Data

KPIs and Metrics

The choice of KPIs and metrics you use is key point of success when measuring sales process. Visualizing sales data using ConceptDraw Sales Dashboard solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 gives you a choice from numerous pre-designed indicators for different metrics you may need.Sales KPIs Dashboard Sample
Picture: KPIs and Metrics

KPI Dashboard

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 diagramming and vector drawing software supplied with Sales Dashboard solution from the Marketing area of ConceptDraw Solution Park provides the full set of useful tools which make it the best for producing the live KPI Dashboard of any complexity.KPI Dashboard
Picture: KPI Dashboard
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