ConceptDraw PRO Data Sheet

ConceptDraw PRO is  fully-functional diagramming platform, allow you to perform various diagramming tasks from low-level sketching and drawing to creating rich business diagrams and presentations. ConceptDraw Pro purpose to help create business visual documentation, technical schemes, illustrations and presentation. To perform multiple tasks ConceptDraw contains hundreds of templates and libraries. As a new generation of diagramming tools supports diagramming technologies: RapidDraw, Dynamic Guides and Touch-insert for quick diagramming, Live Objects (indicators, interactive and intelligence objects), User-defined properties, PowerEdit for deep customizing, Dynamic Presentation. API for diagramming needs from 3rd party applications.

Application Compatibility

  • Versions of MS Visio 2007/2010/2013/2016
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT 7 / ConceptDraw MINDMAP 8 /
  • ConceptDraw Office 3
UML diagram

Diagramming Tools

Drawing Tools

Simple drawing tools: line, arc, spline, rectangle, oval that allow to create shape of custom form
Text Tools: Text tool, Quick text enter, Fit shape to text, Autoexpand mode, Text clipping,
Text Callouts, Text editing and formatting tools predefined text styles, Rich text block format options.


Auto routing connectors
Any object can be transformed to connector
Connector Types: Direct, Smart, Curve, Round,
Bezier and Arc

Predefined Templates, Objects

Library Navigator
Hundreds of libraries for different activities
User-defined libraries and templates
Samples for templates

Quick Diagramming

Shapes gallery
RapidDraw for block diagrams
Libraries of ready to use objects
Live objects
Dynamic Snap
Autoconnect mode
Clone tool
Arrangement and alignment options
Substitute and replace commands

Customizing Objects

Line styles and arrows
Fill styles, intelligence gradients, textures, shadows
Geometrical and placement commands
Properties lock options

Objects Special Behavior

User-defined properties
User-defined object behavior by double-click
Predefined objects actions
Objects control handles
Deep customizing objects using PowerEdit feature

Live Objects

Interactive objects with actions
Indicators changing view depend on data
Data sources for live objects
Multiple pages in a single document
Multiple background pages in a document
Page Navigator for page handling
Pages operations: reordering, drag&drop objects between pages, duplicate pages

Document Settings For Easy Work

Different units of measure
Grid and guides
Snap to grid, objects, guides
Layers (invisible, disabled from printing)


Create and show Presentations

Paginal creating presentation
Presentation mode
Presentation settings (display, auto-switching slides)
Save document as presentation (PowerPoint or Adobe SWF formats)
Hyperlinks for customizing presentation navigation
Dynamic presentation
Dashboard presentation

Document Output


Simple basic settings
Highly customized printing settings
Exclude objects and whole layers from printing


Popular Graphic Formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF,
Emf (Windows version only)
Export To Adobe PDF
HTML Export
SVG Export
PowerPoint import and export
MS Visio Drawings (vdx, vsdx) import and export
MS Visio Stencils (vssx) import

ConceptDraw Solution Park

Looking for additional productivity tools?
Want to know what 3rd party developers
have released for ConceptDraw Project?
Visit ConceptDraw Solution Parkfor the latest productivity add-ons
that are focused on making you more productive each and every day
Come to the ConceptDraw Solution Park
to see what free and paid solutions are available to you.
We are constantly adding new solutions 
Here some of solutions examples:
Structured presentation
Fishbone diagram
Live project dashboard “Multipage Multiproject”
Live project dashboard “Tactical dashboard”
Live project dashboard “Strategy Dashboard”
Project Diagrams Radial tasks
Project Diagrams Milestones Chart
Project Diagrams:
Project timeline
Resource usage
Project calendar

3rd Party/ Corporate Developers

Development API available

Company Contact Information

Corporate Headquarter
CSO Corp. 29 Frantsuzskiy Blvd. Odessa, 65044 Ukraine

CS Odessa LLC 1798 Technology Dr Ste 244 San Jose, CA 95110-1399 USA

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