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Change Today for a Better Tomorrow

Imran Ali Sultan has 8 years of experience in the Social Science Researches, being involved into the social researches under the aegis of the Pakistani Government. Currently He is a Research Scholar in the National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies (GRIPS).

Being experienced enough with MS Word and PowerPoint, Imran Ali Sultan discovered ConceptDraw MINDMAP. He found this software product the best tool “to present complex and trans-disciplinary theories in simplified manner in order to make them comprehensible for civil society organizations and common citizens."

Planning-presentation-mind map
This presentation mind map shows how you can clarify your thoughts of presenting an introduction to Decision Analysis. It was made using ConceptDraw MINDMAP enhanced with Presentation Exchange solution.

Imran Ali Sultan was impressed with presentation capabilities: “I have used ConceptDraw MINDMAP to present the history of recent development thought based on hollow claim on growth; then I narrated the potential of Sustainable Development Goals and then drew my findings to explore the role of an individual in harnessing these changes. With ConceptDraw MINDMAP, I was able to interlink a wide variety of disciplines and theories in Economics, Politics, Culture, Government, and Corporate Sector. It was rejoicing experience for my workshop audience also who ran to me after my session about asking that which visualizations I was using. They loved the flow of ideas and themes in ConceptDraw MINDMAP slideshow and were able to better understand then my previous presentations in Microsoft which is boring to say the least.“

Read the full story from Imran Ali Sultan here

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